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Beekeeping Basics

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Bexar County Master Gardeners and local Texas Beekeepers, present a Beekeepers Basics program. This program is for anyone who is interested in beekeeping and/or learning how to start your own bee hives for pleasure, environmental stewardship or to enhance pollination in your garden. This program is meant for first-time beekeepers, presented by experienced beekeepers and entomologists.  Anyone can be a beekeeper—young or old, city or country dweller! Click here for registration form.. During this course, we will cover the basics of bees and beekeeping,… Read More →

Second Steps in Beekeeping

If you have attended the Beekeeping Basics program or already have bees and are ready for some more in depth information, this course will cover those needs! We will discuss the next steps in beekeeping once you have installed your bees. Topics subject to change and may include registering bees, a recap of bee biology, what you should see inside your hive, how and when to re-queen, how to split, how to extract honey, diseases and pests and a commercial beekeepers perspective. Class includes plenty of material and… Read More →