Insects & Integrated Pest Management

 The Integrated Pest Management (or Entomology) Program offers many educational programs to the public for both youth and adults.  Below are links to upcoming events.  If you have an organization, club, or other group that would be interested in a presentation on an entomological (insect) related subject, please contact us!

Upcoming Educational Events

Insects and Kids! 

Bug Blog – want to know what “bugs” are big?  Updated regularly to keep you up to date!


Insecta Fiesta!

Join us for a fun filled evening with fantastic food, good company, and great drinks!  Learn how insects can be a sustainable form of agriculture, using less water, grain and space and producing more protein, ounce per ounce.  Register at




Contact – get answers to your pest and insect questions.  Molly Keck, Texas AgriLife Extension Program Specialist in Integrated Pest Mangement and Board Certified Entomologist.

Call: 210-631-0400   /   Email:




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