Fashion Show

4H CloverThe 4-H Fashion Show and related contests are an exciting way to get kids involved in the Clothing & Textiles Project. Youth interested in sharpening their sewing skills will also have fun learning about decision making, elements of design and much more! Members can compete in Fashion Show and related contests as an individual or as a team for Duds to Dazzle! If you are interested in participating, please reference the descriptions below.

Fashion Show – The Fashion Show is designed for 4-H members to showcase their skills in buying and construction. You will create a clothing or fashion item, turn in paperwork explaining your item, complete an interview with a panel of judges, and last but not least, model the outfit on the runway. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Fashion Storyboard – The 4-H Fashion Storyboard is an industry-inspired method of displaying original designs. The storyboard “tells the story” of the designer’s idea. The storyboard includes original illustrations, flats, and more to promote the design. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Natural Fiber Contest – The Natural Fiber contest is part of the Fashion Show. Members choose to buy or construct an outfit made from either cotton or wool/mohair/alpaca. You will exhibit what you’ve learn about cotton and wool/mohair. Specific fiber contents are found in the contest guidelines. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Duds to Dazzle – During Duds to Dazzle, teams of 3 to 5 receive textiles and each team has 60 minutes to create a new product using item from the supply closet. Each team provides their own supply kit (Supply kit list found in Duds to Dazzle guide). LINK The teams then present their item to a team of judges. You may also be tested on what you have learned about how the clothing & textile industry impacts the environment, specifically the waste stream. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

“Trashion” Show – In the Trashion Show, intermediate and senior 4-H members use their design skills to create and exhibit a recycled/reused garment created from items that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Teams of 3 to 5 members submit a video application in the spring to be judged. The top 10 entries go on to compete in the Trashion Show at State 4-H RoundUp. At State Roundup the teams go through an interview process with a panel of judges and model on the runway. Only Intermediate and senior 4-H members are eligible to compete in the Trashion Show. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Alpaca Wool Challenge – 4-H participants of any age can request skeen of yarn provided by Alpaca producers to create a knitted, crocheted, or woven clothing or textile item. Additional yarn maybe added. The item can be constructed by either an individual or a group, which can include adult leaders and community members who would like to help youth make the project. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Quilt Challenge and Community Service Project – This contest has two options for how to participate. Students can create a blanket or quilt of any kind that will be donated to an individual in need or a charity. These items are not judged. Or student can create quilts to to be judged. After judging, quilts will be donated to an organization of the quilters choice, Project Linus or Quilts of Valor. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

Clothing and Textiles Advisory Board – The advisory board is a group of senior age 4-H members, volunteer leaders and county extension agents who provide leadership for the direction of the 4-H Clothing and Textiles project. A maximum of 48 youth members (4 from each district) can serve on the board. Applications are accepted in December and June. Membership terms are for 2 years. The board meets twice each year, and board members must attend 3 of the 4 meetings that are scheduled during their two-year term. Review the Clothing and Textiles Packet.

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