March 3
PLANT of the WEEK: Sweet Olive
January 13
ARTICLE: It All Starts with Soil
PLANT of the WEEK: Cedar Elm
March 10
ARTICLE: Soil Compaction
PLANT of the WEEK: Perle d’Ord Rose
January 20
ARTICLE: History of the Master Gardener Association
PLANT of the WEEK: Pecan Trees
February 17
March 17
ARTICLE: Stop the Crape Murder!
PLANT of the WEEK: Texas Mountain Laurel

January 27
PLANT of the WEEK: Plant Oriental Persimmons

February 24
ARTICLE: Suggested Fruit and Nut Varieties
PLANT of the WEEK: Carolina Jessamine
March 24
ARTICLE: Fast, Fascinating Factoid on Vanilla
PLANT of the WEEK: Texas Redbud
April 7
PLANT of the WEEK: Easter Lily
May 5
ARTICLE: Tomato Questions & Answers
PLANT of the WEEK: NuMex Twilight
June 2
ARTICLE: Peaches
PLANT of the WEEK: Natal Plum
April 14
ARTICLE: Grasses for Bexar County & South-Central Texas
PLANT of the WEEK: Strawberries
May 12
ARTICLE: What’s the Best Grass for Central & South Texas
PLANT of the WEEK: Grandma’s Yellow Rose
June 9
PLANT of the WEEK: Thryallis
April 21
ARTICLE: Q&As on Growing Celery
PLANT of the WEEK: Growing Okra for South-Central Texas Homeowners
May 19
ARTICLE: The Saturday All Plant People Have Been Waiting For
PLANT of the WEEK: Texas Olive Tree
June 16
PLANT of the WEEK:
April 28
ARTICLE: Brown Patch & Take-All Fungus Diseases in Lawns
May 26
ARTICLE: The Saturday All Plant People Have Been Waiting For
PLANT of the WEEK: Festival of Flowers
June 23
ARTICLE: Junior Master Gardener Class
PLANT of the WEEK: Summer Snapdragon
June 30
PLANT of the WEEK: Mexican Firebush
July 7
PLANT of the WEEK: Figs
August 4
ARTICLE: So You Want to be a Master Gardener in Bexar County?
PLANT of the WEEK: Angel’s Trumpet
September 1
PLANT of the WEEK: ‘Cheers’ Cabbage
July 14
ARTICLE: Fall Vegetable Gardening — Start Now!
PLANT of the WEEK: Plant Fall Tomatoes NOW
August 11
PLANT of the WEEK: Mari-Mums
September 8
PLANT of the WEEK: ‘Snow Crown’ Cauliflower
July 21
PLANT of the WEEK: Apples for the Urban Homeowner
August 18
PLANT of the WEEK: Colorful Lantanas
September 15
ARTICLE: 19th Annual Hummer/Bird Celebration
PLANT of the WEEK: ‘Vates’ Collards
July 28
PLANT of the WEEK: Peppers
August 25
ARTICLE: Pecans Having Problems?
PLANT of the WEEK: Green Magic Broccoli
October 5
ARTICLE: Fertilizing Your Lawn & Landscape for Fall
PLANT of the WEEK: Shantung Maple
November 3
ARTICLE: Winterizing Your Landscape
PLANT of the WEEK: Carrots
December 1
PLANT of the WEEK: Winter Ryegrass
October 13
PLANT of the WEEK: Garlic
November 8
PLANT of the WEEK: Oriental Persimmon for the Fall
December 8
PLANT of the WEEK: Christmas Holiday Poinsettias
October 19
PLANT of the WEEK: Colorful Pansies–Plant Them Now!
November 17
PLANT of the WEEK: Onions
December 14
PLANT of the WEEK: Care of Poinsettias in San Antonio
October 27
PLANT of the WEEK: Spinach
November 24
PLANT of the WEEK:
December 22
PLANT of the WEEK: Colorful, Wintery Plant–Cyclamen
December 29
PLANT of the WEEK: Planting Fruit & Nut Trees in January
January 8 Best Trees for Texas, and Planting Trees February 5 Irish Potatoes – From Famine to Feast March 5 The Texas Redbud – A Great San Antonio Favorite
January 15 Plant Oriental Persimmons February 12 Moth Orchids-The Perfect Valentine Gift March 12 Kumquat & Calamondin – Miniature Oranges
January 22 It All Starts with Soil February 19 Oriental Pears March 19 Plectranthus “Mona Lavender” & Gardening To Do’s
January 29 “Solar Fire” Tomato & Rodeo News February 26 Winter Drought Stress Apparent on S.A. Lawns March 26 Texas Olive – A Unique Flowering Tree
April 2 So What Constitutes An Effective Rain Event? May 7 Festival of Flowers June 4 Texas Lilac Vitex: A Hot Summer “Texas Superstar” Plant
April 9 Drought Damage and Citrus Search May 14 Belinda’s Dream Rose for Mother’s Day June 11 “Pride of Barbados”-A Great Heat Loving Plant and Future Texas SuperStar
April 16 Spring 2006: Turfgrass Winter Kill May 21 Drought Stress on South Texas Landscape Plants June 18 Texas SuperStars Economic Impact on the “Green Industry”
April 23 Managing Lawn Turfgrasses During Drought Conditions May 28 What’s Wrong with My Tomato Plants? June 25 Celeste Figs
April 30 Duranta: Lilac-Flowered “Golden Dewdrop
July 2
Sweet Tasting Watermelon
August 6
Crown of Thorns – Euphorbia milii
September 2
PLANT of the WEEK ‘Yellow Bells’ Esperanza
July 9
Conserving Water Through the Use of Mulch in Our Landscapes
August 13
The How-To’s of Planting a Fall Garden
September 9
PLANT of the WEEK Colorful Lantana
ARTICLE: “Fall is for Planting”
Friday, July 21
Food Section”Chocolate Mint”
August 20
Don’t Be Wasteful – Compost Now!
September 16
PLANT of the WEEK Butterfly Pentas
ARTICLE: Cool Weather Color
Monday, July 24
Yellow Butterfly Vine
August 26
PLANT of the WEEK – ‘Silverado’ Texas Sage
September 23
PLANT of the WEEK Dwarf Mexican Bush Sage
ARTICLE: Don’t Be Wasteful – Compost Now!
July 30
September 30
PLANT of the WEEK Mona Lavender
ARTICLE: Winterizing Your Landscape
October 7
PLANT of the WEEK Garden Mums
ARTICLE: Schultz House
October 14
PLANT of the WEEK Crotons
ARTICLE: Fall Bulbs
November 11 Oriental Persimmons
PLANT of the WEEK Cyclamen
December 16
PLANT of the WEEK Fruitful Winter Hollies
ARTICLE: Pecan Health Studies
October 21
PLANT of the WEEK Texas Lilac-Vitex
ARTICLE: Fertilizing Your Lawn & Landscape
November 18 Brown Patch Disease of Lawns
PLANT of the WEEK Pelee Mums
December 23
PLANT of the WEEK American Beautyberry
Give a Holiday Gift to Our Feathered Friends
October 28
PLANT of the WEEK Pansies
ARTICLE: Fall Harvest Pumpkins
November 25 History of the Texas Grapefruit
PLANT of the WEEK Poinsettias
December 30
PLANT of the WEEK Lacey Oak

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People Love the Blues
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May 22 Horticulture Happenings Today and Next Saturday
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May 29 Landscape Favorites for South Central Texas
July 31 Cicada Killer Wasps and the Desert Rose
September 4 Crapemyrtle-The Perfect Texas Landscape Plant
October 2 Instant Color & Instant Wildlife Attraction with Garden Mums, Etc November 6 The Truth About Microbes December 4 Short-Lived Christmas Trees & Long-Lasting Christmas Gifts
September 11 Bamboo is Usually “Damn Boo!”
October 9 It Must Be Crinum Time Again! November 13 Forcing Bulbs December 11 Parson’s Family Recipes
September 18 Solutions for Brown Spots in the Lawn
October 16 Onions, Garlic and Crawford Lettuce November 20 Thanksgiving Eating December 18 Health Risk of Eating Pesticide-Treated Fruits & Vegetables
September 25 Horticultural Activities for Fall
October 23 All About Lawn Care…& Bluebonnets November 27 Citrus and Pecans Equal Good Health and Good Eating December 25 Horticulture in Bibical Times
October 30 How to Harvest an Abundant Acorn Crop
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January 4 Resolutions: Improve Your Landscape
January 11 Identifying Delusional Parasitosis
January 18 Gophers Enjoy Gardens of Their Own
January 25Parched Fire Ants Flourish with Recent RainfallFebruary 1Texas Trail Offers Exhibits, Fun at Rodeo
February 8 Take Grassburs Out of the Picture Early
February 15 Valentine’s Day Means Pruning Roses
February 22 Insects in the Home
February 29Post Rodeo MusingsMarch 7 Ways to Prevent Oak Wilt
March 14 Spring Wildflowers Grace Texas Landscape
March 21 Groups Work to Reduce SA’s Fall Webworm Woes
March 28Tips on Improving Your LandscapeApril 4 “Worms” Are Really Forest Tent (Less!) Caterpillars
April 11 Plants for Hummingbirds and Butterflies
April 18 Oak Leaf Rollers and Spring Cankerworms
April 25New Natural Options for Fire Ant ControlMay 2 Scorpions & Bees Enjoy the Month of May
May 9 Lawn Managment
May 16 Rainy Weather Brings Ants, Flowers and Home-Invading Insects to the Limelight
May 23 This Rose is a “Knock Out”
May 30Webworms Have Returned to South TexasJune 6 Overtreating for Fleas Can Cause Problems
June 13 Naturally Derived Pesticides Now More Common
June 20 Grasshoppers and Webworms Reach Important Crossroads in Their Yrly Cycles
June 27Hordes of Hungry White Grubs Attack Local Lawns
July 4 Edible Flowers
July 11 Hungry Mosquitoes Looking for Unwary Hosts
July 18 Seasonal Irrigation Program Helps Homeowners Conserve Water
July 25It’s Time for Fall GardensAug 1 Local Trees Wearing Panty Hose
Aug 15 Cotton Root Rot-The Invisible
Aug 8 Homeowner Tree Care
Aug 22 Killer Giant Wasps Infesting Local Lawns
Aug 29Hot Weather Means Making Special Adjustments for Plants & Insect ControlSept 5 Yellowjackets & 4-H Sign Up…Mark Important Events in September
Sept 12 Fire Ant Awareness Week
Sept 19 Plants Defend Themselves Against Disease
Sept 26Worms Manufacture “Black Gold”Oct 3 Gardening with the Family for Fun;National 4-H Week Starts Today
Oct 10 Planting Trees, Shrubs in Fall Offers Advantages
Oct 17 Chrysanthemums Decorate Fall Gardens
Oct 24 Garden Tasks for the Fall
Oct 31National Pesticides Information CenterNov 7 Fall Garden Fair Set for Saturday in San Antonio
Nov 14 What’s Up In Your Soil?
Nov 21 How to Dry Gourds
Nov 28Poinsettias: The Holiday PlantDec 5 Galls on Oaks
Dec 12 Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree
Dec 19 Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life
Dec 26 Winter Backyard Birding
January – June
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January 5 2002: A Real Pesky Year
January 12 Master Gardener History & Purpose
January 19 Insects Still Active In Winter
January 26 Growing Herbs in Bexar County
February 2 Texas Trail Tent 2003
February 9 Culinary Herbs to Grow in San Antonio
February 16 – Termite Season Just Around the Corner PartI
February 23 – Part II Termite Treatments Are Diverse
March 2 Treat Hatching Grasshoppers Now to Get the Jump on Them!
March 9 Wacky Weather Affect Insect Populations
March 16 Ant Poisons, Not Grits, Kill Fire Ants
March 23 Yucca, Mother Natures Candelabra
March 30 Celebrate Spring with Viva Botanica
April 6 The Need for Trees
April 13 Texas Wildflowers in 2003
April 20 Easter Lilies (and Eggs)
April 27 Focus on Summer Phlox
May 4 Fire Ant Season Is Heating Up
May 11 Buckmoth, Spider Mites: Creepy Critters in Spring
May 18 White Grubs in Local Lawns
May 25 Iron Deficiency Causes Yellowing in Plants
June 1Chinese Hibiscus
June 8 Over Treating for Fleas Can Cause Serious Problems
June 15 White for Night “Evening Garden”
June 22 Natural Defenses Help Make Plants Pest-Resistant
June 29 Rains Send Carpenter Ants Indoors
July 6 Bees & Mosquitoes Benefit From Recent Rain
July 13 Control Mosquitoes Around Your Home
July 20 Garden Checklist for July; Grasshoppers
July 27Patio CitrusContainer Plants Coming to San AntonioAugust 3 Bark Lice Responsible for Strange Webbing on Trees
August 10 Growing Phalaenopsis
August 17 Hot Weather: Plants and Insect Control
August 24 Fall Webworms and Fallen Twigs on Elm ( Includes Twig Girdler Info)
August 31Gardening & Insect Help on the WebSept 7 Fire Ant Awareness Week 2003
Sept 14 Cool Season Cancer Fighting Vegetables
Sept 21 Harvesting & Preservation of Vegetables
Sept 28Introducing the Marie Daly RoseOctober 5 1st Annual Fall Garden Festival of Roses
October 12 Fall Brings Webworms
October 19 Don’t Let Pantry Pests Spoil Your Holiday Cooking!
October 26Fall Planting for Spring Bulbing FlowersNovember 2 Miniature Roses
November 9 Preparing Indoor Plants for Wintertime
November 16 Deer-Resistant Plants Help Preserve Landscapes
November 23Insects Are Taking Advantage of Our Late Season Warm WeatherDecember 7 Freezes Have Left Behind Burned Plants
December 14 December Gardeners To Do List
December 21 Fruit Trees in San Antonio
December 28 Post Christmas Musings

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