Grandma’s Yellow Rose

May 12, 2007

Plant of the Week

David Rodriguez

Grandma's Yellow RoseAre YOU looking for that unusual, but gorgeous Mother’s Day gift? Have you forgotten that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, is Mother’s Day? Certainty NOT, I HOPE!!! That special woman in your life would really enjoy and never forget receiving a plant as a gift. Many of the good independent nurseries throughout town have an excellent array of wonderful gift ideas, such as gardenias, knock out roses and “yes” the new Extension yellow rose introduction. This new beautiful yellow rose would be the ‘Grandma’s Yellow’ Rose projected to be officially released as a Texas SuperStar plant in SPRING (April) 2009 – Rosa ‘Grandma’s Yellow’ (Formerly ‘Nacogdoches’ (“Yellow-Rose-for-Texas”). Though a limited amount of plants are available NOW at local independent San Antonio Nurseries, this rose would make any woman smile and give her many years of enjoyment. For more information on growing and selecting Extension recommended roses for Central and South Texas, please visit this link at:

More information about Texas SuperStar plants can also be found at:
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David Rodriguez is County Extension Agent-Horticulture, Bexar County. For more information, call the Master Gardener ‘Hotline’ at (210) 467-6575 or visit our County Extension website at, click under Horticulture and Gardening.

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