Cedar Elm

Cedar Elm
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Week of January 13, 2007

Cedar Elm DrawingCedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia) is the most widespread native elm in Texas. This tree grows in all areas of the eastern half of Texas except the extreme southeastern part. It is a tough, adaptable shade tree with excellent drought tolerance and beautiful golden yellow fall color. Its leaves are small and rough, and glossy green in the spring. Cedar Elm can withstand heavy, poorly drained clay soils and soils that are moderately compacted. It is the only native Texas elm that flowers and sets seed in the fall. Although it is susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease, it appears to be less of a problem with it than it is with American Elm, U. americana, or Winged Elm, U. alata.

Common Name: Cedar Elm
Latin Name: Ulmus crassifolia
Tree Size: Large
Leaf Type: Deciduous
Growth Rate: Moderate
Tolerances: Salty soil or sea-spray, drought, poorly drained sites, alkaline soils (pH > 7.5)ater Needs: Moderate
Attributes: Texas native, reliable fall color
Features: Fine textured leaves turn yellow in fall.

Cedar elm treeComments: Tough, drought-tolerant shade tree, well-adapted to a variety of conditions.
Problems: Drooping branches may require pruning; aphids, powdery mildew, and mistletoe are notable pests.

Other common names:
Basket Elm, Scrub Elm, Lime Elm, Texas Elm, Olmo, Southern Rock Elm

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