Get an Insect Identified

Want to know what bug is bugging you?  Drop off a specimen, mail it, or send a picture

  • Bring in a Specimen – be sure to bring in as many as you can, as the smallest body parts are often used for identification (antennae segments, tips of the toes, etc.). Call ahead of time if y to to be sure I’m in the office if you want an ID immediately or drop it off with the receptionist, and I will contact you as soon as I return.
    • 3355 Cherry Ridge, Ste 212, San Antonio, TX 78230
    • 210-467-6575
    • Ask for Molly Keck, Program Specialist, Integrated Pest Management and Board Certified Entomologist.
  • Mail in a Specimen –  be sure to mail several or more. Package them with padding and provide your contact information.  Please include a note with what you would like in response (identified only, how to manage it, if its harmful, etc).  Also include information about the insect (where you find it, what type of damage it seems to do, etc).
    • Texas AgriLife Extension Service/Molly Keck/3355 Cherry Ridge, Ste 212/ San Antoni, TX 78230
  • Email a Picture – using your digital camera or phone, email a picture to

Please do not send samples taken from the body or parasites. Due to facility restrictions and safety, we can only accept insects found in the home and/or landscape.  No insects or specimens from the body.

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