Cottage Food and Food Based Businesses

Extension Sponsored Cottage Food – Food Handler Certification

Owners of Cottage Food businesses, you can now earn your food handler’s card and learn food safety practices through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension! 

The Texas Cottage Food Law states that as of January 1, 2014, all owners of Cottage Food businesses are required to have a food handler’s card from a state accredited program. House-bill-970-cottage-food-law

Our food handler’s course is accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services and will help you learn basic food safety practices that can help assure the food you prepare and sell is safe. In person or online.


 Selling Honey in Texas (pdf)


Food Preservation

 Food Preservation techniques and knowledge has change over the years. Make sure you use the proper techniques. Check out the material from National Center for Home Food Preservation

Recipes, tutorials, resource material

 Want to go beyond the home kitchen?

Thinking about becoming a Food Entrepreneur?

You may want to start here…


Growing your own produce to use in your Cottage Home production?

Then think about Good Agricultural Practices

Food borne illnesses are a major problem for commercial fruit and vegetable production. Consequently growers should minimize risk with the use of good agricultural practices.

For information on good agricultural practices for production, handling and shipping of fresh produce view our Good Agricultural Practices compilation (PDF).

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