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4-H Fundraiser

4H CloverBexar County 4-H is honored that we will be partnering with Fredericksburg Farms for our county fundraiser. We will be selling “Freshies” these are wax air fresheners that are hand made in Fredericksburg, Texas meaning these are a Go Texan product! We are offering twelve different scents for our fundraiser and you may order as many as you would like! Below are outlined the steps for ordering as well as the order forms and steps to complete your order, we will be doing three separate orders during the year so get your orders in today!



STEP 1 – Print out the forms.

STEP 2 – Collect Payment.

  1. Ensure that your order form is filled out correctly and that the payment matches your checks.
  2. All checks should be made out to Bexar County 4-H Council

STEP 3 – Turn into your Club Manager.

  1. Club managers will collect all individual order forms and payment from members
  2. Club managers will fill out ONE summary order form for their entire club.
  3. Club managers will bring: Summary Form, Payment, and all Individual Forms to the County Extension Office

STEP 4 – Pick Up orders and deliver.

  • Orders will be shipped to the county office and club managers will pick up orders to distribute to individual members
  • manager will receive a check from the county council for 10% of their club order.

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