4-H Youth Member Enrollment

Getting Started

4H CloverWant to get started in 4-H?
Check out the information
below on how to join.

There are two different levels of youth 4-H membership: 4-H Members and Clover Kids (see specifics below).

STEP 1 – Find a Club

STEP 2 – Pick a Project

*Clover Kids are restricted to specific projects*

STEP 3 – Enroll in 4-H

Signup on 4-H Online after you have found the best club and project that is right for you!


  • $25.00 participation fee for youth prior to November 1st
  • $30.00 participation fee for youth after November 1st
  • Clover Kids are $10.00

Youth MUST be enrolled and approved on 4-HOnline to be considered an official Texas 4-H member and participate in events and contests.



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