Wildlife Module Curriculum Enrichment Program (Grades 3-7)

The Wildlife Module Curriculum Enrichment Program (Grades 3-7) focuses on teaching youth about natural resource management and environmental regulations in effect to improve and protect our ecosystems, wildlife habitat and land resources as well as developing a personal and community environmental ethic.  The “Wildlife Success Stories and Endangered Species (3rd Grade), “Something’s Fishy” (4th Grade),  “City Critters” (5th Grade) and “Predators in the Classroom” (4th-7th Grade) Modules were thus developed to specifically target elementary and middle school students with hands-on displays, interactive computer programs, videos, lesson plans and testing materials containing information about renewable natural resources, urban-dwelling wildlife, aquatic ecology and water issues.

The modules can be requested by educators within Bexar County for two-week periods throughout the year.  Host teachers are instructors for the curriculum and are provided with a Teacher Binder.  At least one class/group of students are required to complete a  pre and  post-test evaluation tool  that is used as an internal measurement of the materials effectiveness.

The program overview is presented in a Power Point format.  A description of each module is presented along with a Response Form that may be printed and submitted to schedule one or more of the curriculum units at specific sites.

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