Suggested List for Fruit & Nut Varieties

By David Rodriguez, Extension Agent-Horticulture,
Bexar County
and Dr. Larry Stein, Extension Horticulturist


    Anna, Dorsett Golden,  Ein Shemer, Mollie’s Delicious, Gala,  M9*, MM111
    Calleryana*,  Fan-stil,Kieffer,  Le Conte, Monterrey, Orient, Warren
    Blenheim, Royal, *Nemaguard* or Own Roots
    Harvester, TexRoyal, June Gold, *Nemaguard*, La Feliciana, John Fanick (a selection of La Feliciana), TexStar
    Brazos, Rosborough, Kiowa
    Caddo Sioux Desirable Pawnee
  • FIGS
    Alma Celeste Texas Everbearing
  • PERSIMMONS Planting / Harvesting
    Eureka, Tamopan, Fuyu (Fuyugaki), Tane-nashi, Hachiya
    Black Spanish (Le Noir), Herbemont, Champanel, Blanc du Bois, Favorite
    Allred, Santa Rosa, Bruce, *Nemaguard* (or Mexican Plum), Methley
    Lang Li
    Sequoia Seascape Chandler

*Recommended Rootstock
Plant Nemaguard on acid, sandy soils; Plant Lovell on high ph soil
For questions and more in-depth information on managing fruit trees in the home landscape and fruit gardening in general, click on the links below:


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