Recommended Vegetable Varieties for Spring Planting

David Rodriguez, County Extension Agent-Horticulturist
Jerry Parsons, Ph. D., Retired Horticulturist

Planting dates in parenthesis apply to the San Antonio area and refer to planting of seed unless otherwise indicated. South of San Antonio you can plant 15-25 days earlier. If you live in the Hill Country, spring planting should be 25 days later than the dates shown.

Vegetable Planting Dates Varieties
Asparagus Crowns Jan. 1- March 1 UC 157, Jersey Giant
Beans, Bush March 5- May 5 Contender, Topcrop, Greencrop, Blue Lake 274, Tendercrop
Beans, Pole March 5 – May 5 Stringless Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, Dade
Beans, Pinto March 15 – May 1 Pinto, Improved Pinto
Beans, Lima March 5 – April 25 Jackson Wonder, Henderson Bush, Thorogreen
Beans, Lima March 5 – April 20 Florida Speckled, Sieva (Carolina), King of the Garden
Beets Feb. 1 – April 20 Pacemaker, Early Wonder, Ruby Queen
Broccoli Transplants Feb. 1 – March 15 Green Magic
Brussels Sprouts Not recommended for spring planting – quality suffers due to high temperatures at maturity.
Cabbage Jan. 15 – March 1 Golden Acre: (red) Ruby Ball and Red Acre: (hybrids) Rio Verde, Market Prize, Green Boy, Stonehead, Cheers
Cabbage Feb. 15 – March 15 Michihli, Jade Pagoda
Cantaloupe March 15 – May 1 Perlita, Caravelle, Ambrosia, Magnum 45, Golden, Perfection, Mission, TAM Uvalde
Carrot Feb. 1 – March 1 Imperator, Danver’s 126, Danver’s Half-Long, Nantes, Orlando Gold, Red Core Chantenay
Cauliflower Transplants Feb. 1 – March 1 Snowcrown (Spring and Fall)
Chard, Swiss Feb. 1 – April 15 Lucullus, Ruby Chard
Collard Feb. 1 – March 25 Georgia, Blue Max, Vates
Corn, Sweet Feb. 25 – April 15, stagger Guadalupe Gold, Calumet, Capitan, Merit, Honeycomb, Sweet G-90, White: Silver Queen, Country Gentleman
Cucumbers March 5 – April 15 Pickling: Calypso, Carolina, SMR-58, Liberty; Slicers: Dasher II, Gemini 7, Poinsett, Straight 8, Burpless, Victory Hybrid, Sweet Success, Sweet Slice
Eggplant Transplants March 15-May 10 Florida Market, Black Beauty, Classic, Black Magic, Ichiban
Garlic Not recommended for spring planting – will not form quality cloves
Kohlrabi Feb. 1 – April 1 Early White Vienna, Early Purple Vienna, Grand Duke
Leek Feb. 1 – May 1 American Flag, Electra, Titan, Lancelot
Lettuce Feb. 1 – May 1 Leaf: Black Seeded Simpson, Crawford Re-Seeding, Salad Bowl, Ruby, Oakleaf, Red Salad Bowl; Butterhead: Summer Bibb, Buttercrunch; Romaine: Valmaine, Paris White; Head: Not recommended for spring – turns bitter before heads form.
Mustard Feb. 1 – May 1 Tendergreen, Florida Broadleaf, Green Wave, Large Smooth Leaf
Okra April 1 – July 15 Emerald, Clemson Spineless, Cajun Delight, Dwarf Green, Lee
Onion Transplants Feb. 1 – March 1 Bulbing: Granex (yellow and white), Grano, Granex, Texas A&M 1015 Y; Texas A&M Supersweet: Red Burgandy, Crystal Wax; Green Scallions: Crystal Wax White Bunching
Parsley Feb. 1 – March 1 Moss Curled, Plain Italian, Banquet, Evergreen
Parsnips Feb. 1- March 15 Large Hollow Crown, Harris Model
Peas, English Jan. 1 – Feb. 15 Wando, Little Marvel
Peas, Edible Jan. 1- Feb. 15 (Grow on supporting structure) Sugar Snap, Sugar Daddy, Snappy, Sugar Mel
Peas, Southern March 20 – May 1 California Blackeye No. 5, Pink Eye Purple Hull, Cream 40, Mississippi Silver, Champion Cream, Crowder
Pepper, Sweet Transplants March 15 – May 1 Capistrano, Big Bertha, TAM Rio Grande Gold
Pepper, Hot Transplants March 15 – May 10 Long Red or Thin Cayenne, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno, TAM Mild Jalapeno, Hidalgo serrano
Potato, Irish Seed pieces Feb. 1 – March 1 White: Kennebec, White Cobbler: Red: Red LaSoda, Red Pontiac; Russett: Norgold
Pumpkin April 1 – June 15 Big Max, Jack-O-Lantern, Spirit
Radish Jan. 20 – May 20 Champion, Cherry Belle, Early Scarlet Globe; Winter: Black Spanish, White Chinese
Rutabaga Not recommended for spring planting-quality suffers due to high temperatures
Spinach Summer production March 1 – June 1 New Zealand, Malabar (Basella alba) – Standard spinach types not recommended for spring planting.
Squash March 10 – May 10 Summer types: Multipik, Dixie Hybrid Crookneck, Early Summer Crookneck, Early Prolific Straightneck, Gold Rush Hybrid Zucchini, White Bush Scallop, Zucco, Zucchini; Winter Types March 5 – April 10: Acorn, Butternut
Tomato Transplants March 15 – May 10 BHN 968 Cherry, 444, Sun Pride, Solarfire, Celebrity, Valley Cat, Tygress, and Tycoon
Turnip Jan. 15 – May 20 Purple Top White Globe, Just Right, Royal Globe, Tokyo Cross; Greens Feb 1 – Mat 20: All Top, Tyfon, Seven Top
Watermelon March 1 – May 1 Charleston Gray, Crimson Sweet, Jubilee, Dixielee, Tendersweet (orange flesh), Tendersweet (yellow flesh)


*V, F, N denote resistance to Verticillium disease, Fusarium Wilt disease, and nematodes.

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