Agriculture Literacy

Kids, Kows & More

The Kids & Kows & More Agriculture Literacy program is in its 17th season. Over the years, the program has grown to 42 programs across Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. It is one of the best visual, classroom enrichment field trips and close-up learning experiences for students, grades 2nd – 5th, to learn about our local food and fiber commodities. Our goal is to help students and adults learn, understand and appreciate where our food/fiber comes from, not just that we purchase them at the store. Students will learn in a highly visual and technological way, where such is produced and how it arrives for our consumption at the store.

Classroom/school groups will be rotated among 5 educational Ag literacy subjects such as – Mobile Dairy (milk), Bees, Cotton (our natural fiber – from seed to clothing), Pecans (Reemus, the talking pecan tree) and Beef (from grass to the final products). Additionally we have an educational livestock/animal exhibit…… for some close-up looks at farm animals not included in the enrichment presentations.


Hatching in the Classroom

The “Hatching in the Classroom” curriculum offers a unique science project that will involve and excite students with “real life” discoveries. A wide variety of egg and embryo projects can be developed from the information to teach basic scientific principles to students from kindergarten to grade twelve.




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