What is 4-H SET?

The 4-H program response to our nation’s concern for improving human capacity and workforce ability in the areas of science, engineering and technology (SET). It combines the non-formal education process, hands-on, and inquiry-based learning with a youth development context to increase literacy and engage youth in improving their knowledge, skills and abilities in science, engineering and technology.

The 4-H SET Experience is a program framed in science, engineering and technology concepts and based on national science education standards. It intentionally targets the development of SET knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • 4-H SET Knowledge: Greater awareness of science, engineering, & technology. Greater understanding/appreciation for science, engineering, & technology. The development of interest, implications, and impact that science, engineering, & technology has on our entire society
  • 4-H SET Skills; 4-H integrates its hands-on approach to science, engineering and technology learning with opportunities that help youth master life challenges, cultivate independence and provide a sense of belonging within a positive group.
  • 4-H SET Abilities are the thirty most commonly identified abilities that a review of literature in the fields of science, engineering, and technology education has shown to be the most frequent.

4-H Science, Engineering and Technology programs reach more than 5 million youth with hands-on learning experiences to encourage young minds and to fill the pipeline of young leaders proficient in science. These experiences are supported by more than a half million dedicated adult volunteers who are placing 4-H youth on a path towards successful careers.

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