Upcoming Educational Events

The following are upcoming educational events related to insects and pest management.  For all the following programs, please RSVP  or register with Molly or Nick so we can save you a seat.  mekeck@ag.tamu.edu or 210-631-0400.

Second Steps in Beekeeping – September 23rdFor those who have bees and are wondering, “what next?”  A more advanced class on beekeeping, but still have questions and aren’t confident Master Beekeepers.  Come learn about various topics, share your experiences and learn from others.  Click here for registration!IMG_3368

Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist Training – September 26-29.  We still have room!  This class is designed for Texas Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists who have a desire to learn more about entomology.  While preference is given to these individuals, if there is room, we will open it up to the general public or Master Volunteers outside Texas.

Backyard Basics EXPO – September 17 – Get all the info you need for you backyard garden, compositing, BEEKEEPING, chickens, and much, much more!

Beekeeping Basics – interested in becoming a beekeeper?  This is the program for you!  Geared for individuals with absolutely no to very little experience with bees and beekeeping.  Learn the basics of what to purchase, where to purchase, and how to get started.  Field day gives you the opportunity to put on a bee suit and see what it takes to manage a bee hive!  Register Here!


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