Junior Beekeeping Camp (10 and up)

Learn the basics of honey bees and beekeeping in a real apiary! Campers will have the
opportunity to put on bee suits, open a hive, see the honey bee queen, diagnose
problems with hives, feed hungry hives, extract honey and bring a jar home, learn about
native bees and build a Mason Bee home for their backyards. This is a unique, exciting
experience for youth who have a love for nature, insects, beekeeping, or adventure!

Cost: $150

Location: Clearwater Ranch, Leon Springs

Date: June 24 – 25

This camp is for well behaved, mature
individuals. Campers who have behavioral
problems, a fear of bees, allergy to bee
stings, do no like tight spaces, have or
sensory issues SHOULD NOT REGISTER!

Campers who fail to follow instruction or
are disruptive, will not be allowed to go
out to the bee yard and will not receive a
refund. We take the safety of your child
and those around them very seriously!                                                                                                             

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