March 10 2012 Timley Tips

March 10, 2012

  • Are your kids or grandchildren involved this spring in the gardening experience? If not, get them involved in gardening. One of the greatest nurturing gifts a child can have, besides the responsibility of a pet, is the joy of growing vegetables or colorful plants. Take the challenge this spring and give the gift of gardening.
  • Newly-emerging Irish potato plants should be fertilized every three weeks with one-half cup of a high accelerated nitrogen fertilizer, like a 19-5-9, for every 10 to 15 linear feet of garden row. If an organic fertilizer is preferred, simply triple the application rate.
  • Healthy and vigorously growing, fall, planted strawberries which are setting their first fruit may need protection from birds by setting netting over the producing plants.
  • Proper watering methods are seldom practiced by most gardeners. Let’s make every drop of water count by installing drip irrigation. Use drip irrigation for watering vegetables, ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, vines, and container-grown plants outdoors. With proper management, drip irrigation reduces water loss by up to 60 percent or more as compared to traditional watering methods.

David Rodriguez is the County Extension Agent-Horticulture with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Bexar County. For more information, call the Master Gardener “Hotline” (210) 467-6575 or visit our County Extension website at

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