July 21 2007 Timely Tips




July 21, 2007

  • Fall tomatoes should be planted now through mid August. Incorporate liberal amounts of manure compost at a depth of two inches and fertilize with 19-5-9 slow release analysis at a rate of one pound per every 10 linear feet of garden row. Look for Extension recommended heat setting tomatoes such as ‘SunPride,’ the newest 2007 Texas SuperStar vegetable.
  • If your lawn is light green to yellow, apply a liquid chelated iron supplement and fertilize with a liquid 12-4-8 lawn food. Take caution in applying any type of iron, due to possible staining of your sidewalk or porch.
  • If thatch has become overly abundant in your lawn with all the frequent mowings, applying a liquid 12-4-8 lawn food analysis every two to three weeks will help breakdown such an accumulation.
  • Plant Frikarti Asters, Mexican Firebush, perennial garden Mums, Hardy Salvias and Brazilian Firespike for fall bloom in sunny sites.
  • Convert sections of your landscape into low maintenance areas with “hardscaping” such as bark, gravel and wood decking. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

David Rodriguez is County Extension Agent-Horticulture with Texas Cooperative Extension in Bexar County. For more information, call the Master Gardener “Hotline” (210) 467-6575 or visit our County Extension website at http://bexar-tx.tamu.edu.

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