Entomology Youth Programs

 Summer Entomology Camps!

Now accepting registrations!  We always fill up fast with a long waiting list, so be sure to get registered soon.

Campers get the change to learn all about entomology and become junior entomologists.  We will perform experiments and activities with insects, get to hold tarantulas, roaches, millipedes and more. Campers will also collect insects and put together an insect collection.  Campers will receive a student collection kit, complete with professional net, all the materials needed to collect and pin insects, a collection bag, and collection box.  For more information, contact Molly at mekeck@ag.tamu.edu or 210-631-0400.


Camp 1 – July 13-16

Camp 2 – July 20-21

Hardberger Park, West Entrance.  8400 NW Military. 9am-2pm.

Click here for registration.


Spring Break Nature Camp – March 14-17, 9am-2:30pm.  $110

You won’t want to miss this exciting new camp.  We’ll learn all about nature related subjects, perform experiments, and have fun all day!

Topics include:

  • Seeing and learning about falcons and other birds of prey from a real falconer, watching them fly and eat, and hopefully getting the change to hold or touch them!
  • Receiving a lesson from a herpetologist all about snakes in Texas, seeing live venomous and non-venomous snakes and learning the difference between them.
  • Learning all about entomology – performing experiments with insects, seeing a real bee hive behind glass, learning from a Monarch expert, and getting the chance to go out and collect insects.
  • Enjoying horticulture and learning how plants are important to our world, pot some plants (flowers, herbs and veggies) to take home to enjoy later.
  • Playing with germs!  Learning how germs are spread and performing an experiment swabbing surfaces we touch every day to see what gross germs grow there!
  • Appreciating agriculture! We will learn about modern agriculture from how money comes from cotton to where we get our fajitas to all the different types of eggs chickens can lay.  We will also churn our own butter from cream and have an ice cream party with homemade ice cream while learning about dairy.

To register, Click here for registration form.  Or register at https://agriliferegister.tamu.edu/BexarCounty

Join us for the Spring EXPO – Youth Insect, Hort & Plant Sale!

March 5, 2016 at the Bexar County Extension Office, 3355 Cherry Ridge, Suite 208.

$2 per child, 16 and under.  Adults free! Come learn about insects, horticulture, nutrition and science through experiments, activities, crafts, and games.  Get your hands dirty digging through dirt, playing with worms, and touching live insects!  Cash or check only please, we cannot accept credit cards.

For more information, contact Molly at 210-631-0400 or mekeck@ag.tamu.edu. Click here for more information.


School & Youth Group Presentations:

If you are an educator and would like someone to speak to your school about insects, please let us know.  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has a group of wonderful volunteers who will come out to your location and give a 30-45 minute lesson on entomology, complete with live insects, props, and an insect collection.

  • AgriLife Extension can work with you to set up a presentation. We request that presentations do not start earlier than 9am, for grades 1st and up.  We prefer no more than 30 1st & 2nd graders and no more than 60 3rd -5th graders per session.
  • Please contact Molly at 210-631-0400 or mekeck@ag.tamu.edu to schedule something.


Field Trips

Bring your class to us and we’ll show you live insects, amazing insect displays, museum quality collections, activities and experiments.  Cost is $2 per child.  Choose 1-2 hour field trip times.  Subject to classroom and instructor availability.  Contact Molly at mekeck@ag.tamu.edu or 210-631-0400 to schedule a field trip for your class or organization!  Located at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office, 3355 Cherry Ridge, Suite 208.


Entomology 4-H

Get involved in 4-H Entomology!  Practices will be located at the Bexar County Extension Office, 3355 Cherry Ridge, Suite 208.  For more information about 4-H Entomology contests or how to enroll, contact Molly at mekeck@ag.tamu.edu



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